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Service List

-Metal Stamping:  Progressive die stamping for custom or large volumes.  Blanking, Shearing,                                             Punching, and Forming for parts not requiring the expense of tooling.

-Laser Cutting:  Allowing customers to make precision parts with detailed features which would be to                             expensive to buy tooling.  Parts and features can be changed  between runs.  Cuts out                             setup fees and some tooling charges.

-Welding:  Frame work, misc parts, small assemblies, large assemblies, or per customer specs.

-Bending:  Press Brake for larger items and secondary bending for Solid Round, Tubular, and Sheet                     Materials.

-Machining:  Milling parts to our customers specifications.  We provide machining for 1 piece or  1,000                         pieces.  This allows us to provide production runs or maintenance parts for our customers.

-Fabricating:  Allows us to combine all of our services to help our customers to make detailed                                         assemblies or even larger welded units.  We can combine as many parts as it takes to                          make a unit.

-Assemblies:  We have a full line of rivet machines to assemble items from hinges to specific fabricated                         units.  We also have the capabilities to assemble items together so our customers will                         have less to worry about once it gets to there production facility.

-Drilling and Tapping:  We have multiple drill and tap units to provide pre-drilled and tapped holes.

-Packaging:  We can box items to specification and also package bolts and nuts in individual plastic                         packaging if necessary.

-Finishing:  Powder Coating, Plating, Per job Spec.  We do not provide these services in house but                          work with well qualified companies who are experts in these fields which allows us to offer                      our customers a complete part when it is delivered.

-Materials:  HR Steel, CR Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Per Job Spec...

-Types:  Coil Stock, Sheet, Bar Stock, Solid, Tubular, Angle Iron, Channel, Per Job Spec…

-Prototyping:  With all we have to offer we are more than willing to sit down with our customers and help                          them to come up with new products without having to pay an arm and leg to get it done.                           We understand without this type of service a company can not come up with new items to                          Introduce into the ever changing market.

-Wire Products:  We have started working on wire products.  We do a lot of cut, form, and weld of these                               types of products.  Most of these products that we have worked with go into displays for                               different customers.  Wire grids, Wire Holders,  Wire Stands, Etc…

-Maintenance:  We provide several maintenance services.  We can provide our customers with specialty                             maintenance parts that may be hard to find elsewhere or just to expensive.  We supply                             machined, fabricated, and specialized parts per customers production.

*Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of our services.

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