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Price: $4.50 per set

SKU/Item Number: JR-25

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Hinge is used on the children’s recliners.

#JR-25 Juvenile Recliner Hinge

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SKU/Item Number: M2M Plate

M2M Mending Plate is made with 1/4” material X 3-3/4” X 3-3/4”.  This is a heavy duty leg plate.  We have several different designs of plates and also make custom plates for different individual uses.

Text Box: Leg Plates

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SKU/Item Number: C-1-250-R

C-1-250-R is an angle bracket measuring 2” Wide X 1” X 1” Legs.  Each leg has 2 holes 1/4” counter sunk.  If this bracket is not what you are looking for we have a variety of others that may meet your needs.  If not we can make your exact part.

C-1-250-R (Angle Brackets)

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SKU/Item Number: Custom

Text Box: Custom Seat Frames can be made in a timely manner.  We use all of our capabilities to give our customers there custom parts.  We offer assembly for larger units they require multiple pieces to make a unit.

Custom Seat Frame

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SKU/Item Number: Executive

Executive Angle Iron is a support bracket measuring 2” X 2” Angle X 20” Long.  We make various lengths of this particular bracket.  This item can be customized to customers specifications.

Executive Angle Iron

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SKU/Item Number: Shelf Bracket

Shelf Bracket is made of 1/4” material.  Product has 3 sets of  drilled and tapped holes.  Product  is welded and is put together with no visible welds.

Shelf Bracket

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