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Part of our assembly area for riveted products.

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Col-Eve Metal Products, Inc. was started in 1963.  As a family owned and operated business we have put pride in the way we help each and everyone of our customers.  Col-Eve was founded on the principle that the customer comes first.  As we grow we continue to instill this principle into each of our employees.  Without our customers we would not have been in business for almost 50 years.

Col-Eve was started to cater to the furniture industry.  As times change we have continue to diversify our product line and also our capabilities.  We still dedicate a majority of our time to the furniture industry but also to the hospitality industry, metal displays, healthcare furnishings, and other misc. fields. 

Col-Eve would like to thank each and everyone of our customers, past and present.  Without you we would not have this opportunity.  We hope that all of our customers, potential or current, find our site helpful. 

Thank You,

Col-Eve Metal Products, Inc.

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One of Eight of our high  production presses.

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Col-Eve Metal Products

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